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Re: Package idea, Debian-Firewall.

ons 2004-10-13 klockan 14.04 skrev Steve Kemp:
> On Wed, Oct 13, 2004 at 06:13:36AM +0200, nicklas (smurfd) wrote:
> > I have had  a package idea, for a long time now. The idea, was a
> > package, containing a "Flush-all" firewall script. Adding this script to
> > be ran at bootup. Just for the simplicity. I tend to keep forgetting to
> > add it myself.
>   I think anybody who knows enough to create a firewall will not
>  omit the flushing.

True true!

>   Use update-rc.d, please.
>   http://www.debian-administration.org/?article=28

Ah, okey. Thanks for pointing that out! Looks way nicer. I will give
that a shot. 

Great site btw, lots of good reading.

> Steve
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> # The Debian Security Audit Project.
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