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Re: Re: Terminal - a good terminal?

[ I'm not subbed to -devel, this was pulled from the archive -- please Cc me
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Thomas Dickey wrote:

> Jeff Teunissen <deek@d2dc.net> wrote:
> > Primitive? heh. And as for the rest, I haven't had trouble -- it's
> > just an infocmp away. In any case, switching the emulation is trivial
> > -- it's not like terminal emulation is complicated.
> Judging by the variety of poor implementations, I'd say that's
> incorrect. Even "linux" emulation - how many implement its savable
> colors?

Well, at least one does. :) A lot of our main emulation code was culled from
the kernel source, and abstracted some. So we got most of it for free, and
the rest is just doing a few things that aren't implemented by the kernel.

So yeah, "setterm -*ground foo -store" works.

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