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Re: PROPOSAL: debian-mozilla@lists.debian.org

Johannes Rohr a écrit :
Dear all,

due to the ever increasing number of mozilla-based packages I wonder if it would be a good thing to have a separate debian-mozilla mailing list. Personally I have big difficulties understanding the hacked way how mozilla extensions etc are being repackaged for Debian and I would be very happy if there was a place to discuss such matters.

Looking forward to any comments & opinions,

As still nobody has answer to Johannes, I start.

I think that creating a such list is a very good idea. Currently the only way to contact mozilla package's maintainers is to do an apt-cache search mozilla and grep for the email adresses. FYI there is currently 49 source packages with mozilla in their name. A common list would improve communication between all such maintainers, supposing that they all subscribe to the new mailing list (I hope so).

Moreover, it could improve the coordination between all mozilla package's maintainer. It could be useful to tell things like, "Hey I have uploaded a new version of mozilla-foo to experimental, feel free to also update the corresponding translation package", or "new version of mozilla-foo handles translation differently as before, here is how it works".

I don't say there is a lack of communication, but I am sure that some duplicate work could be avoid by creating such a new mailing list.

If nobody opposes, I volunteer to open a bug against lists.debian.org, unless somebody else want to do that.


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