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Suspicious reply from katie

I have a package in experimental:

porridge@merkel:~$ madison ekg2
      ekg2 | 20040912+1500-1 |  experimental | source, alpha, hppa, i386, mips, sparc

I have just uploaded another version, which resulted in receiving the
attached message. Note the NEW status, and the warning. Is this a
katie bug? Or did I do something wrong?


Marcin Owsiany <porridge@debian.org>             http://marcin.owsiany.pl/
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(new) ekg2_20041007+2000-1.diff.gz optional net
(new) ekg2_20041007+2000-1.dsc optional net
(new) ekg2_20041007+2000-1_i386.deb optional net
WARNING: Already present in main distribution.
instant messenger client for UNIX systems
 EKG2 is an open source instant messenger program for UNIX systems. The program
 has a plugin-based structure, and supports multiple protocols, currently
 Jabber, Gadu-Gadu and IRC.
 The program is being actively developed, but already has many useful features,
   - irssi-like ncurses interface, with mouse support
   - launching shell commands on certain events
   - "remote control" via pipe or socket
   - encryption support
   - sending SMs (using an external program such as sms-pl)
   - mail checking
  Homepage: http://ekg2.org/
(new) ekg2_20041007+2000.orig.tar.gz optional net
Changes: ekg2 (20041007+2000-1) experimental; urgency=low
  * New snapshot from upstream.
  * Removed installation instructions for docs and examples which were removed
    upstream (this includes stale manpages, which need to be rewritten).
  * Don't install commands.txt and vars.txt twice, instead symlink from docs
    to the file installed by upstream Makefiles.
Announcing to debian-devel-changes@lists.debian.org

Your package contains new components which requires manual editing of
the override file.  It is ok otherwise, so please be patient.  New
packages are usually added to the override file about once a week.

You may have gotten the distribution wrong.  You'll get warnings above
if files already exist in other distributions.

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