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Minutes fo DebConf5 IRC meeting of 20041003 at 20:00 UTC

The minutes were done by Lars Wirzenius and are also at:


The logs of the meetings are at:


The web page above have links that you can follow.

There were 30 nicks present at #debconf-team during the meeting.

        DebConf5 IRC meeting October 3, 2004

This will be added to the DebConf wiki when it is done.

Minutes (and agenda)

People mentioned:

    aschwin: Aschwin van der Woude
    ateras: Arto Teräs
    fabbe: Fabian Fagerholm
    gwolf: Gunnar Wolf
    jbailey: Jeff Bailey
    killer: Kalle Kivimaa
    liiwi: Jaakko Niemi
    liw: Lars Wirzenius
    luciano: Luciano Bello
    mooch: Jesus Climent
    nchip: Riku Voipio
    part: Teemu Hukkanen
    stockholm: Andreas Schuldei
    tao: David Weinehall
    teroajk: Tero Kuusela
Start: 20:00 UTC

1) Dates and times and location of the event.

    - mooch: Friday, July 1 through Monday, July 18
    - Surrounding weekends for arrivals and departures, first week for
      hacking, middle weekend for social stuff, second week for
      talks. First week would be inofficial hacking, second week
      official debcamp + debconf. Infrastructure will have to work
      fully for the entire time, however.
    - Official start on Sunday (July 10), with formal dinner.
    - Debconf3: Friday through Thursday for hacking, Friday through Sunday
      for talks; too little time for talks
    - Debconf4: more relaxed talk schedule, but still filled with bofs,
      and this made it difficult to attend to everything

    - Building and conference rooms reserved for July 1 through 18.
    - Bed rentals are included in the price.
2) Finnish DDs or users with debconf experience, how much time and
   effort are they willing to put into this?
    - mooch: employer pays to spend some time in organizing things
    - nchip: a few hours per week beforehand, and most of debconf
    - liw: 2-4 hours per week beforehand, don't yet know what during debconf
    - killer: some time beforehand, don't yet know what during debconf
    - tao: may be sponsored by employer to volunteer
    - aschwin: available
    - fabbe: available
    - part: available
    - teroajk: available
    - liiwi: available
    - stockholm: available (not in Finland, though)

    - a core team of 2-3 people who keep track of all things and delegate
      as much stuff to volunteers on small jobs should work well; these
      people need to be local
3) Things to do (from http://wiki.debian.net/index.cgi?DebConf5Todo)

4) Sponsorships

    - stockholm: Nokia 10 000 euros, HP 30 000 euros
    - many companies are still to be approach or haven't responded yet
    - stockholm is in charge of this
    - Linux-Aktivaattori will act as the legal and financial umbrella

5) Misc

    - website is in the hands of michelle and _wolf_

6) Talks

    - jbailey will be in charge of arranging things
    - luciano is willing to translate to Spanish
    - CFP deadline: Nov 1
    - recording talks on video is a problem and a big job; "Martin the
      Argentinian living in New Zealand" was interested in the issue (mooch)
    - possibly parallel tracks, with the help of ConfMS

7) Travel costs and general sponsorships of people

    - stockholm's proposal: a general call for "who needs sponsorship for
      travel or whatever" and then apply some common sense to the decisions;
      this needs to be done early enough so that cheap flights can be
    - mainly to speakers and people who have done good things for Debian
      (including translators and such)

8) Press

    - jbailey, Linux-Aktivaattori (aschwin, fabbe), ateras will do press
    - ateras: will try to get MikroPC to do a story
    - stockholm: one PR when we have the preliminary list of talks ready,
      one when we open registration (about the same time), one afterwards

9) Conference management system

    - gwolf has one (in the making), called comas
    - should be done by December
    - should be usable for CFP already in November

End: 21:30 UTC.

Action points

* mooch, aschwin: DebConf5 web site needs to document public
  transportation options and costs. Also, a description of the Otaniemi
  area and the buildings and conference rooms.
* liw: ask Jukka Rajala if he still wants to help and to talk to michelle
  and _wolf_ and damog if so.

* Someone (liw?) talk to Fluendo about video streaming talks

* stockholm: draft "call for travel sponsorships" and send it to -team and
  then to d-d-a

* aschwin, jbailey, ateras, fabbe: dc5 press coverage meeting (to figure
  out how they'll work together) on Sunday, 24 Oct, 20h00 (GMT) in


* Status of food: nothing has changed (catering service of some kind will
  be arranged); teroajk can help with this
* Social and sighseeing stuff, field trips, etc
* Regular meetings?

* Servers, networks, stuff
* Graphic artist?
* Recording talks and stuff (video files)?. Maybe even streaming them?

This that could be done better than earlier ones:

* Female t-shirts
* Transports between Otaniemi and airport, and Otaniemi and Helsinki downtown
* Accessibility for people with special needs

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