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Multiple source packages from one upstream source


I'm packaging a tool-chain to develop Pocket PC applications. I'd like
to share the upstream orig.tar.gz with other binutils packages. So,
I'd like to package binutils as follows:

Source: pocketpc-binutils
 ea140e23ae50a61a79902aa67da5214e 15134701 binutils_2.15.orig.tar.gz
 9898667c63ec6d5bd455d3223bc6f31a 2769 pocketpc-binutils_2.15-1.diff.gz

Upon uploading the package, I received...

Rejected: binutils_2.15.orig.tar.gz: changes file doesn't say binutils
for Source
Warning: ignoring binutils_2.15.orig.tar.gz, since it's already in the archive.

Now, that binutils_2.15.orig.tar.gz is already in the archive is sort
of the point really. I'd like to share the same upstream source file
with other packages. Can this work? Note: my binutils orig.tar.gz is
exactly upstream's. Clearly this to be true for this to work.


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