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Re: Updated: XDM, GDM, KDM, WDM shootout :-)

on Tue, Sep 28, 2004 at 07:14:18PM -0500, Chris Cheney (ccheney@cheney.cx) wrote:
> > Also, incidentally:  none of the WMs seems to start XFCE4 properly.
> > It's necessary to run 'xfce4_setup' in the user's directory (or copy an
> > .xsession to /etc/skel), and run the 'default' WM.  Trying to run XFCE4
> > out of the WM selection menu generally breaks (WDM/KDM tested).
> Isn't this a bug in XFCE4 rather than the DM's?

I haven't investigated it.  You're probably right.

XFCE4 needs to run a series of apps, in sequence.  The way it
_currently_ does this is to modify the user's .xsession file through
script designed for that purpose.  

The way it *should* do it is with, say, a "start-xfce4" script, which
contains the contents currently created by "xfce_setup", and which could
be invoked either by a DM or as the last line of an .xsession file.

Should I file a bug?


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