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Re: Do we need better documentation about our subsections?

On Sun, Sep 26, 2004 at 09:00:25AM +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:

> I volunteer to maintain to maintain the tags related to the ocaml
> programming language. (BTW, I already tried twice in the past to mail
> the debian-usability project on the subject but I was unable to get my
> mail trhu, where those discussion needs now to be carried on?
> debtags-devel?)

debtags-devel, yes.  If you have problems posting there, please don't
hesitate to write me in private and I'll try to solve them.

Thanks for volunteering.  You gave me the idea to add a 
"Responsible: email@address.org" field to the vocabulary for the facets
or tags which are being taking care by people.

So, it becomes:

Facet: implemented-in
Description: Language that the package is implemented in
Tag: implemented-in::ocaml
Responsible: zack@debian.org
Description: Ocaml

Facet: langdevel
Description: Language that the package supports development for
Tag: langdevel::ocaml
Responsible: zack@debian.org
Description: Ocaml Development

If other people are interested in specific fields, please write me.
Some example of facets and tags to tickle the appetite of you all:
(note that facets are entire groups of tags; the complete set can be
downloaded from: http://people.debian.org/~enrico/tags/vocabulary.gz)

Facet: accessibility
Description: Accessibility support provided
Tag: accessibility::input
Description: Alternative input systems
Tag: accessibility::speech
Description: Speech synthesizers
Tag: accessibility::speech-recognition
Description: Speech Recognition

Facet: admin
Description: Administration and System Maintainance

Tag: culture::afrikaans
Description: Afrikaans localization
Tag: culture::arabic
Description: Arabic localization
Tag: culture::welsh
Description: Welsh localization

Facet: devel
Description: Software development / programming
Tag: devel::bugtracker
Description: Bug tracking tools
Tag: devel::ui-builder
Description: User Interface Builder

Facet: field 
Description: Special field that the package belongs to
Tag: field::astronomy
Description: Astronomy
Tag: field::physics
Description: Physics

Facet: game
Description: Games, fun and entertainment

Facet: hardware
Description: Special kinds of hardware that the package supports
Tag: hardware::camera
Description: Digital cameras and webcams
Tag: hardware::video
Description: Video boards

Facet: ipv6
Description: IPv6 networking

Facet: security
Description: How the package is related to system security

Facet: suite
Description: The package is related to a bigger group of packages
Tag: suite::apache
Description: Apache
Tag: suite::zope
Description: Z Object Publishing Environment (ZOPE)
 The zope (web) publishing platform.

Facet: dbtech
Description: Database related technology

Facet: format
Description: Data format

...and many, many more!



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