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Re: split descriptions Re: PROPOSAL to sarge+1 - Split main in sub-repositories

Mike Fedyk wrote:
Andrea Mennucc wrote:

Andrea, have you not heard of the (I forget who said it first) proposal to have a daily and weekly updated packages file?

(actually I had thought at this once, then I forgot)

yes that seems like a great idea, and it can be implemented
just by adding some lines to sources.list

but note that the two ideas , of incremental packages.gz
and of splitting description, are not conflictual: we may
implement the first very easily, and the 2nd in time to come

indeed i.p. have the downside of actually _increasing_
disk usage (as somebody pointed out)

actually, if somebody who has True Access (t) to the repository
would implement the incremental packages, I would start using it


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