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Use of automake & friends vs. just running configure

Hi all,

Sorry if this has been dealt with before (and being such common,
probably it has been). Well, to the topic: there is a lot of software
our there built to use the automake and friends tools. However, upstream
ususually provides a ready to run ./configure script. I've always used
it as the starting point for building the package in the debian/rules
file, but now I wonder why I'm not running all the automake etc.
toolchain before. I know that in most circumstances it would make no
difference, and in any case would add new Build-Depends. But maybe that
would help to maintain the packages in the long run, specially if I have
to tinker a bit with Makefiles and the like (as is the case with one
package I'm building these days), and probably cannot harm.

So, any comment / recommendation? Better to use the whole toolchain, or
better to use upstream configure, when available?



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