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Re: [installer@ftp-master.debian.org: ipvsadm_1.24-1_sparc.changes REJECTED]

In article <[🔎] 20040826194909.GC20192@babylon.wendlandnet.de> 
joergland@debian.org writes:
>now what is that? An error on a buildd? I think I can ingnore this
>savely but who knows...

>Rejected: ipvsadm_1.24-1_sparc.changes: a file with this name already exists in the Accepted directory.
>Rejected: ipvsadm_1.24-1_sparc.deb file already exists in the Accepted directory.

Just a duplicated upload, ignore it.

This is my fault.  James Troup has not responded to my offer of
setting up another sparc buildd, and had a bunch of packages that
should have been set to dep-wait, have ftbfs bugs filed, or set to
not-for-us.  I've been going through the "building" and "needs
building" queues and buinding packages with pbuilder, uploading where
appropriate and filing ftbfs bugs where appropriate.

Most of the older stuff that still needs building is waiting on the
just-fixed kdelibs (building now) or a fixed binutils.  (many
indirectly through glibc)
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