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Re: Common power management infrastructure

> * We need a shared, state-based structure for the basic power management
> functionality.

I don't know what you mean by 'state-based'.

> I propose to use /etc/powermgmt/ as the configuration directory


> with subdirectories for events

Better, I think, to use a single script with a case statement, just
like initscripts.  Indeed, you can use the initscripts for this
purpose.  Just augment the existing "start", "stop", etc., methods
with some new ones for "close-lid" and so on.

To run these enhanced initscripts you need something like the
current runlevel system.  On a lid closure event, for example, a
file or a directory full of specially named symlinks would 
control which initscripts were run with what arguments and in
what order.

> * The logical place for the shared infrastructure is in powermgmt-base.


Now who is going to implement all this?

Thomas Hood

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