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Re: Bug#266831: ITP: gfccore -- GTK+ Foundation Classes Core

Em Qui, 2004-08-19 às 15:34 +0200, Michael Piefel escreveu:
> Am Do, den 19.08.2004 schrieb Goedson Teixeira Paixao um 13:17:
> > GTK+ Foundation Classes (GFC) is a set of integrated C++ foundation classes for
> > developing GTK+ applications.
> What's it for? What's the relationship to widely used gtkmm? The web
> site is the most uninformative I've ever seen.

It's a thin wrapper around GTK+. The site of Inti[1], its predecessor,
will be probably more informative. The philosophy remains the same of
Inti. It's been rewriten with some optimizations in mind and in order to
adapt to the GTK+ 2.4 API.


[1] http://inti.sourceforge.net/

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