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Bug#266738: ITP: netreg -- Network registration to provide a MAC to IP to username mapping

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : netreg
  Version         : Debian
  Upstream Author : Various
* URL             : southwestern, CMU, sourceforge, etc
* License         : GPL
  Description     : Network registration to provide a MAC to IP to username mapping

Hi all,

I'm interested in providing a network registration package for Debian.
There are various "upstream" implementations, and I'm not sure there's a
"right" one for Debian.  Its likely that a Debian-specific package is
appropriate.  This package would mostly be some perl glue which
Recommends: webserver, dhcpd.  For the various upstream versions, try
googling for "netreg site:edu".

By the way, I'm not in a position to implement this right now, so its a
long term project.  If someone else is in a better position than I, feel
free to hijack this.  Also, if you have access to the equipment
necessary to implement and test this, I'd be glad to offer my time.
Specifically, netreg depends on the ability to restrict network access
of unregistered hosts to the registration machine[s].

I think this is something that many would find very attrative were it
offered for Debian.  Imagine telling a school that they could
aptitude install netreg and have it scan student machines for the worm
of the week before allowing access.  And, hey, we can use samba to pop
up a MessageBox("You have a worm.  Your computer is quaranteened.
Please call IT at x6935.");


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