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Re: Bad mozilla/Xprint interactions on Debian homepage: decisions nee ded

On Wed, Aug 18, 2004 at 12:46:54PM +1000, Parsons, Drew wrote:
> Some problems have been reported printing our home page, www.debian.org from
> mozilla (or firefox) using Xprint (xprt-xprintorg), see bugs #235592,
> #251067.

Then Xprint is screwed.  This is hardly news.  Xprint was born screwed.
Those of us who use Mozilla just fought to get back the ability to NOT use
Xprint, you may recall.

> With the combination of latest versions (firefox 0.9.3-2, Xprint
> 0.0.9.final.001-3 (upstream 009.001), www.debian.org is printed with the
> main text rendered as sans-serif not serif, with spaces between words
> removed. I believe the same occurs with mozilla proper.

It in no way happens with Mozilla.  You may see the following screenshot:


And the following scan of a printed page:


I would note that gv does NOT render the .ps output properly, while the
printer does, else I would have linked the .ps file.  I so love owning real

Again, obviously, it's Xprint's problem, because Mozilla can render the
page properly without Xprint's... interference.

> The problem seems to occur when the font is not explicitly defined in the
> web page (other pages print fine).

I wouldn't know, I don't see a problem.

> 2)  Apply the above stylesheet patch to the mozillas. This means either 
> 	(a)  asking users to add it themselves into
> ~/.[mozilla|firefox]/default - not terribly convenient for them, or 	
> 	(b) renaming the original file
> /usr/lib/mozilla/defaults/profile/chrome/userContent-example.css
> to .../userContent.css and including the patch, which will then (I presume)
> be used by all new users.
> Personally I'm in favour of 2b, based on the assumption there was a good
> reason why upstream released Xprint 009.001 (read the release notes at
> http://xprint.mozdev.org/releases/index.html#009_001).

I can't say as I care what you do to Crapfox, but please don't start
screwing with Mozilla again... didn't we just go through this for no good
reason regarding its printing ability?  Please don't impose your own idea
of what things should look like on the browser... instead, fix Xprint (if
such a thing is possible).

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