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Re: Bug#265762: ITP: tpop3d -- tpop3d is a fast, extensible, secure UNIX POP3 server

Hi, Martin List-Petersen wrote:

> Anyhow, if people don't add new software to Debian, no matter how many
> programs of the same type there allready exist, how should Debian renew
> itself ?

Exactly, but that presupposes that the new packages are better than the
old ones ... which is exactly what the question is about: _Is_ the new
package better than any/all of the old ones, and why? You can't get an
answer to that question if people aren't allowed to ask it.

It's far easier to sort this out before a package enters Debian than
sometime afterwards. Additional hint: There's a reason why ITPs are
forwarded to d-d.

> I think, it would be more important to exclude packages, that simply don't
> get their RC bugs fixed, is possible. 

"When in doubt, do both."

Matthias Urlichs

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