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How to provide latest testing name after sarge in doc :-)


I want to release debian-reference packages explaining the latest
release name sets:

 stable: sarge
 testing: ???
 unstable: sid

How can I do it ?  I will not get new testing name until release and whn
released, I can not update packages.

Any good ideas?


Following are section where I explain it.  How did Debian FAQ dealt this
same problem as a package?  I understand what they did for web but this
is tricky for package.

  2.1.4 The testing distribution

   Package entries for the testing distribution, Debian Sarge, are recorded
   into the testing (symlink to sarge/) directory after they have undergone
   some degree of testing in unstable. Now, in addition to the above
   locations, new physical packages are located under the pool directory (The
   pool directory, Section 2.1.10). There are also main, contrib, and
   non-free subdirectories in testing/, which serve the same functions as in

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