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Re: dh_installexamples is zipping a file

Hi Nico,

are you calling dh_compress later on in debian/rules?

From the man page:

| By default, dh_compress compresses files that debian policy mandates
| should be compressed, namely all files in usr/share/info,
| usr/share/man, usr/X11R6/man, files in usr/share/doc that are larger
| than 4k in size, (except the copy-right file, .html and .css files,
| and files that appear to be already compressed based on their
| extensions), and all changelog files. Plus PCF fonts underneath
| usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/

Cheers, Til

Nico Golde wrote:

i package tpp a text presentation program and i have one problem.
i use dh_installexamples examples/* to install examples presentation
files in /usr/share/doc/tpp/examples. it install all files very well,
but one of the file become zipped with gzip during the installation.
all other examples arent zipped.

i have no idea why and i found no gzip method in the dh_installexamples
source code.
can anyone give me a hint?
you find the package on http://nico.f-451.net/debian/tpp
regards nico

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