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No libtiff transition for sarge

Just a note from an outsider in case someone hasn't already noted the 

Unless the release managers drop their current release plan and revert 
the base freeze, the libtiff transition can't get into sarge [1].

This means that fixes for packages depending directly or indirectly on 
libtiff (e.g. via depending on libgtk2.0-0) that aren't already in  
testing have to go through testing-proposed-updates.

It's therefore also impossible for packages like Gimp 2 or XEmacs to be  
included in Debian 3.1 [4].


BTW: Which member of the release management team is working on checking 
     all 41 frozen packages where more recent versions are in unstable 
     whether sarge lacks fixes for RC bugs (e.g. #237071)?

BTW2: Please Cc me on replies, I'm not subscribed to debian-devel.

[1] OK, you could upload half of GNOME recompiled against an older 
    libgpg-error0 and other packages recompiled against older versions 
    of e.g. slang1 to testing-proposed-updates [2], but that definitely 
    takes more time than dropping the current freeze.

[2] Additionally, gnutls11 would have to be unfrozen and recompiled
    with the internal libtasn1 [3].

[3] I'm not pretending I've found all things that would have to be done
    in order to do the libtiff transition without unfreezing base - but 
    I'm too lame to check the complete 1.1 MB update_excuses for other 

[4] OK, you could add them via testing-proposed-updates - but if such
    changes are allow through testing-proposed-updates, you could upload
    really everything to testing-proposed-updates.


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