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Re: debian culture

> > When a NM joins i doubt he realises the self-destructive "mindshare"
> > battle that goes on within debian.
> If the mindshare is really self-desctructive, why does Debian still
> exist?  Or when will Debian have itself finally destructed?

  well, I think self-destructive is abusive, I'd use the word : ineffciency.

> That's the wrong way of doing so.  You're trying to tell people what
> they have to do.  That won't work in this area.  You may want to offer
> your help and provide helpful input instead.

  well, here, my _very_ short experience tells me that a lot of DDs
don't like to be told what they could/should/may do by some strangers,
or wors, non-DD-strangers ...  whereas they obviously make some things
  I repeat in a shorter way what I told in a too long mail before, there
should be a way to gather some groups having some knowledge and decision
power on some subjects, and those groups should have some "leader" that
is the man that make the final choice.  It has not to be very strict,
but I guess in the X-Strike force for example, there is the people that
make final choices, and the ones that follows.  for the apache guys too,
and so on.  Because perfect democracy is not efficient, somewhere a
group need to have a leader -- not necessarily the same for a long time
but still a leader.
  IMHO the inefficiency in debian comes from the fact that there is few
'rulers' (except the DPL, ftpmaster, and such quite respected people).
after that, everyone has the same weight (that's not horrible) and
pretend to exercise it in every decision (and that is bad).  I've the
impress everybody wants to know and to rule and to give his opinion on
everything, everywhere, and it leads to flamewar (that's inevitable with
so many people without anybody to enliven discussions.

  IMHO good democracy is not to give the same role to everybody, it
leads to fight, it's to give everyone the ability and the right to have
access at the same roles, if they want to and are able to take them on,
and if others want to see them at those places.
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