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Re: bash 3.0 breaks other packages

Blars Blarson writes:
> The new bash in sid, when used as /bin/sh, breaks compatability with
> every other bourne-compatable shell (including posh and dash) on the
> syntax of the trap builtin.  This breaks at least two other packages,
> (cnews and sendmail) and I feel should be release-critical.  Matthias
> Klose <doko@debian.org> has downgraded the bug to important.  This is
> bug 261948.

bash-3.0-3 is uploaded reverting the behaviour temporarily to the old
behaviour. I'll revert that change after sarge is released. For that
reason I'm downgrading the severity of bug reports reported against
packages failing on the new behaviour.


FYI, various alpha/beta/rc bash-3.0 versions have been available for
testing for Debian developers since the end of 2003.

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