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Re: 185 Packages that look orphaned

Richard A Nelson <cowboy@debian.org> writes:

> On Fri, 30 Jul 2004, Jan Kesten wrote:
> hrm, I've not seen the original message yet :(

The original message was send out month ago.

>> I use these (under debian and solaris) and if there is some need for
>> some work (i.e. as maintainer) I would try to spend some work (in
>> fact I get paid during my studying for getting at least 3270 an
> I do, however use daily (and maintain) the 3270 series of packages.
> I count 3 open bugs (yeah, one is serious - I've to remail the upstream)
> one should be closed because its been almost a year without any response
> from the submitter - and I can't test it locally... and nothing in the way
> FTBFS so I'm kinda stumped that it shows up on whatever this list is...
> What am I missing ?


At the time of the original mail the package had been stuck in sid
(out of sarge) for over 100 days. The current version is 97 days old
and also stuck in sid.

Apart from the one RC bug the package is missing on several archs. You
need to login to one of debians systems and build the package manually
(non-free is not autobuild) or find someone on the porters list to
build it for you.

The QA page does not list any version of 3270 for testing. If thats
right the upcoming stable will release without 3270 unless you do


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