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Please Help me


Hi! Mr pleases help me. 


I use the evaluation version of Qt Designer (QT X11) for Linux, with the MySql?s server installed, when I want to access a data base create by the administrator (root), and on which I have all the privileges, the connection succeed very well with the help of the wizard. As well as the connection of a QDatatable to a table " city " of my data  Base. I even succeed to really see the data when I make a ?preview? of my dialog (Ctrl + T). 

    When I compile the program and run it, as soon as I want to open the dialog of the Datatable a message of error shows off: " an error has occurred while accessing the Data base ";  with the inline following message: 

     ?QSqlCursor: :setName () error, does the table ' city' exist?  ?

Followed of messages as:? index out of ranges -1;  ?. Index out of ranges 1 Etc?? 


Please help me , I would like to finish this work tonight or tomorrow morning. 

Thank you for your good understanding  ;

 Donatien CHEDOM FOTSO         
Maîtrise Informatique           
Université de Yaoundé I         
  Tel (237) 7546226              
adresse postale:s/c Kamga Potego
C.H.U Yaoundé

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