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Re: bash 3.0 breaks other packages

#include <hallo.h>
* Blars Blarson [Fri, Jul 30 2004, 12:09:42AM]:

> The new bash in sid, when used as /bin/sh, breaks compatability with
> every other bourne-compatable shell (including posh and dash) on the
> syntax of the trap builtin.  This breaks at least two other packages,
> (cnews and sendmail) and I feel should be release-critical.  Matthias
> Klose <doko@debian.org> has downgraded the bug to important.  This is
> bug 261948.

Sorry, it does break compatibility with BROKEN stuff. Symptoms very
similar to the errno.h problem and should IMO be fixed the same way:
allow the broken syntax but spew dangerous looking error messages.

> Such changes should not be made immediatly before the freeze, it will
> probably take us months to track down all the places the old bourne
> syntax (rather than the modified posix one) of trap is used.

In the current form, it is a time bomb. However, it should not be a
problem to scan all packages and file bugs against those with broken
syntax (so it has been done with libdb2 poisoned files, IIRC).

Und hier noch eine wichtige Verkehrsdurchsage: Der Idiot, der auf der
Autobahn A9 in falscher Richtung fuhr, klebt jetzt am Kühler eines
Lasters und fährt wieder in richtiger Richtung.

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