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dropping a conffile-script?


I intend to drop the new_fax-script (a conffile currently) in mgetty
in the next release, and replace that script by a faxin.d-directory;
however, the default script will then be placed in /usr/... and not be
a conffile any more (the possiblity to make local changes will be
provided of course). For various reasons, I want to get rid of the
current script on upgrade. So, what should I do?

- Remove the current script if it was not changed; display a
  debconf-note otherwise, but don't use the script anymore.
- dito, but send mail to root instead of the debconf note.
- dito, but only mention this change in README.Debian or so.
- dito, but link the script so that it is executed in future if it was
  locally modified.

I would really dislike the last solution.


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