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Mass bug filing: gcrypt7/gnutls10 => gcrypt11/gnutls11


I plan to do a mass bug filing (Priority: Important) tomorrow.

There are 108 (binary) packages which still depend on libcrypt7 or
gnutls10. gcrypt7/gnutls10 are not supported by Upstream. Further
rationale has been posted to d-release last week[1]. See also today's
DWN issue.

The move to gcrypt11 and gnutls11 should be painless and only require
a recompilation in most cases; this has been tested extensively. If there
are problems, I or Upstream will be happy to assist.

My goal is to have *no* packages depend on gcrypt7 or gnutls10 in Sarge.

Arguments as to why the intended Priority: is wrong will be considered.
(Flames won't be.)

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2004/07/msg00075.html

NB: gnutls11 depends on gcrypt11 and opencdk8. opencdk8 still depends on
gcrypt7. This is intentional, as updating opencdk8 will break d-i.
Because of symbol versioning, this is not a problem, other than a
very small waste of main memory / startup time, and it will be fixed ASAP.

Matthias Urlichs

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