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Re: If you ever felt reason to complain about SPI

Quoting Bruce Perens <bruce@perens.com>:

> SPI has a board election ending tomorrow. Perhaps there's been a problem 
> with the publicity, but all of 38 people have voted so far. If you have 
> ever felt reason to complain about SPI, or might ever want to, 
> participating in its elections would be a good idea. Otherwise, it might 
> be that you are part of the problem.
> Please go to https://members.spi-inc.org/vote

Didn't know there was a vote....I think publicity could definitely have been
better :)

Looking at the ballot on the website, there are three options: one for each
candidate.  Shouldn't there be a "default" option too?  Am I misunderstanding
how condorcet works?

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