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Re: Permissions on power management device nodes?

> > > Recent versions of GNOME complain at login time that non-root users
> > > can't write to /dev/pmu. I initially thought "yes, good, that's right,
> > > now stop complaining", but apparently things like the GNOME keybindings
> > > for the volume control and the suspend function of the battery applet
> > > need it.
> >
> > Nope, volume control is completely different, suspend is able to use
> > pmud.
> >
> > The direct access of the device just blocks pmud and makes the other
> > tools disfunctional.
> So this is all just a plain bug in GNOME?

Looks like it, from my POV. /dev/pmu can't be shared it seems. So gnome
should not even try to touch it. Implementing concurrent access to the PMU
may be possible at kernel level (taking proper care to lock out write
access by multiple processes), with such a measure we could permit
Gnome to play with the PMU as well. Not for snoozing, that should be
handled through pmud or equivalent. And for reading power state there's
/proc/apm. IOW, I don't understand what Gnome needs to access /dev/pmu


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