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Re: Feel free to NMU speex 1.0.4

On 2004-07-24 "A. Maitland Bottoms" <bottoms@debian.org> wrote:
> If someone with some automake and libtool knowledge could
> NMU speex, that would be nice. It just might be the clue I
> need to get smarter about handling libraries.

> The 1.0.4 version, from www.speex.org, is the latest bugfix
> release in the stable branch and as such it would make a
> great basis for a Sarge system with asterisk and other speex
> dependent packages.

In case somebody intends to work on this take a look at

It builds, is lintian-clean and debdiff seems to be reasonably ok and
I've upgraded libtool to 1.5.6-2 to prevent unneeded linking.

There are two thing necessary before upload:
a) testing.
b) check whether shlibs-file needs to be bumped.
              cu andreas
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