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Re: Keeping track of DSFG-free and non-free licenses

On Sat, Jul 24, 2004 at 11:15:58PM +1000, Parsons, Drew wrote:
> > [MFT to d-legal, don't know what d-devel has to do with this]
> Keeping track of licences for prospective new packages is of interest to all
> developers.

Correct. So is keeping track of how close we are to finishing
debian-installer (-boot), what happens to policy (-policy), how our
ports are doing, (too many lists to list them all), and so on. That
doesn't mean we have to discuss all of that on this list.

Even if I agree this is a worthy cause, please discuss this on -legal,
where it belongs. If/when you create some web page, you can always
announce it on -devel-announce, if appropriate.

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