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Helix Software for Debian

Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago I started to package the software created by the Helix
Community (http://helixcommunity.org). On this website you can read the
following description of what Helix (Community) is:

"The Helix community is a collaborative effort among Real, independent
developers, and leading companies to extend the Helix DNA™ platform, the
first open multi-format platform for digital media creation, delivery
and playback. The Helix DNA platform is comprised of the following: 

 - Helix DNA Client / Helix Player
 - Helix DNA Producer 
 - Helix DNA Server
 - RealAudio and RealVideo codecs"

Helix is the underlying engine of the applications Player/Client,
Producer and Server. The RealPlayer builds on top of the HelixPlayer and
adds some closed-source plugins for playing RealMedia files or Flash.
For more information have a look at the Helix site.

I submitted a project request on Alioth and got an aproval. See
http://helix.alioth.debian.org. There you find my newest debs and links
to the websites of the helix software components.

Now why I write to this list: Two issues.

First: I invite all debian users and developers to test the debs on
http://helix.alioth.debian.org. I don't assert any claims to perfection
of these packages, thus please send bugreports or any comment to the
list helix-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org.

Second: You will notice that there are only i386 packages available at
the moment. I don't have other machines available and currently I'm only
a debian developer applicant, so I depend on helpful and generous
powerpc, alpha, ia64, amd64 etc. owners :). The helix software is not
ported to all debian architectures at the moment, but I like to test the
supported ones which are powerpc (and x86) for the HelixPlayer/Client
and Helix Producer, amd64 (and x86) for the Helix Server. For testing
the sources on these architectures you only need to install pbuilder,
then `pbuilder create --distribution sid', download the sources from
http://helix.alioth.debian.org/deb and start the build process. Probably
you know that better then I do =).

That's it, so far :).


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