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[VAC] July 20 - August 8

Fellow developers,

I am moving in to my new house with old bf and no internet access.
(What a nightmare, yes!). Take a lifetime of stuff, put it into boxes
and unpack several blocks away. What a waste of time!

I will be reading my email at my parents' (if they let me in) :-)

Please feel free to NMU my packages (specially fkiss) and Hector's
(bal00) :-P.  Also feel free to take lirc and messagewall as I have
prooved to have good intentions but not enough time or interest anymore
(messagewall, I was using at work, and I got fired) or courage (lirc,
previously mantained by my deceased friend Ranty, but haven't got around
to actually even looking at it, as it makes me shiver). I will be happy
to comantain, though.

I hope to be back soon, take care of my bugs^packages, and the Debian
Women effort with renewed energy.

Till then, whish me luck... and sorry for the cross-post.

 .''`. Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable
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