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Re: -= PROPOSAL =- Release sarge with amd64

> > The no-cost linux downloads from kx.com and jsoftware.com are the ones
> > I'm most concerned about (in that order).

On Thu, Jul 15, 2004 at 10:06:23PM -0400, Stephen Frost wrote:
> Alright, perhaps we can get some of the debian-amd64 folks to give it a
> whirl and see if they can't figure something out about it.  Possibly
> even help find a way to make them run.  I may try and look at these
> tommorow myself too.
> How about it folks?

Note that these are binaries, so porting them is out.  However, they
run fine on 32bit intel LSB systems.

If you're going to this effort anyways: there's a known bug in
k (mentioned in the release notes, but possible to overlook).
The workaround is to turn on backing store in the x server.

Final note: there's a gpl'd version of a precursor to k (by the same
author) at www.aplusdev.org.  It's no where near as efficient, nor as
capable, and I'll package it up eventually if no one else gets around to
it, but that might be more to someone's taste.  [It's four times as big,
an order of magnitude slower, and way less functional, and requires a
special font to be useful at all, so you have to run it in an x terminal
with that font, just to read the code.  But the license is right.]


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