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Re: snapshot driver

In article <[🔎] 5959EA4638D8734599AB75EAAFBB6FEFBD7B28@mtv01ex04.mindtree.com> you write:
>I am supposed to be developing a snapshot driver for Linux for backing up
>volumes. Is there an open source project or code base from where I can start
>my development?

I'd be tempted to help, but not with this stupid disclaimer attached
to your email. debian-devel is a PUBLIC MAILING LIST.

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>opening attachments please check them for viruses and defects. MindTree Consulting Private
>Limited (MindTree) will not be responsible for any viruses or defects or any forwarded
>attachments emanating either from within MindTree or outside. If you have received this
>message by mistake please notify the sender by return  e-mail and delete this message from
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