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Re: standard apt/yum meta-data format

On Saturday 03 July 2004 03.15, Matt Zimmerman wrote:

> The problem reported in this thread was a system with stable, testing
> and unstable in sources.list.

Which I really want to keep because I have packages from all three 
installed. Juggling around sources.list is not what I want.

Downloading the packages file could be faster, but IIRC rsyncing the 
Packages file or distributing diffs etc. etc. was discussed many times 
already, and it's not what I was speaking about, as you know.

The 'Reading Package Lists...' step takes 22s on the system in question, 
which I think is awfully slow on a K6-333 with 128M RAM. Of course, 
it's far from unuseable, but I think when 'grep ^Package: *_Packages' 
takes only 3s, reading the Package lists in apt and storing them in 
some index should be doable a bit faster, especially since apparently 
the dependency tree is not built at this time - it takes a further 12s 
at apt-get upgrade time (which probably is reasonable with that many 

Again: I don't have that 486/20 with 36M RAM anymore, where this was a 
real pain, so it's perfectly usable for me. I was judst commenting in 
this thread because switching to an XML based format would (but I'm 
guessing) perhaps not really make things run faster, and I feel it's 
slow enough with the current file format as it is.

-- vbi

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