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Re: Impossible dependency: slang1-dev vs. slang1-utf8-dev

Hi, Colin Watson wrote:

>> [2] "Note that optional packages should not conflict with each other."
>> 	The wording isn't very explicit, also, it is a 'should', and not a
>> 	'must'
> That alone makes it not RC; furthermore there is no such wording at
> http://release.debian.org/sarge_rc_policy.txt.

OK, then I guess I'll have to hurry up and write a first version of that
program I'm planning. Of course, I can't run it, or test it, or even
submit it to Debian: it'd not be buildable. Since Debian doesn't accept
source-only submissions, this neatly sidesteps any possible RC-ness of
the problem.  :-/

So. Next step: Create newt-8bit{,-dev}? (Quick and somewhat dirty)

Or (cleaner, but much more work) create -utf8 versions of everything that,
directly or indirectly, build-depends on slang1-dev?

To do nothing and release Sarge with the conflict is, IMNSHO, not
an option here, RC-bug-when-literally-interpreting-policy or not.

Matthias Urlichs

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