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Re: Impossible dependency: slang1-dev vs. slang1-utf8-dev


Joey Hess:
> I assume it's RC because there is a package that needs to build-depend
> on both? So far I've found it to be annoying, because I have to swap
> libraries in and out while compiling different things, but not RC.
I´m playing with ideas for a text-mode-windowed status display for
Asterisk. Newt would be the ideal candidate because I´d be able to
incorporate part of the zapata utilities (drivers for analog phone
interfaces) which are already using it.

I´d like to be able to actually *build* (and use, of course) that
program on Sarge...

Besides, isn´t it a requirement to be able to install all of Debian
simultaneously? (Excluding intentional conflicts:, of course.)

> > Question: Does it make sense for a -dev package in general, or (at
> > least) aalib1-dev or libnewt-dev, to depend on slang-utf8-dev|slang-dev?
> ITYM slang1-utf8-dev. No, it won't work. See bug #140808.
Ah. Silly me, forgetting to search archived bugs. :-/

> > If not, should there be a separate libnewt-utf8-dev package? If not,
> > might it be possible to have aalib1-dev use slang-utf8-dev? If neither,
> > how should this be resolved?
> I've not found a way to accomidate the slang-utf8 ABI change in aalib
> without also changing aalib's soname, but I've not tried very hard.

So where do we go from here? The no-brainer solution seems to be to
create a newt-nonutf8 package, but that´s *ugly*.

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