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Re: [RANT] French translation for debconf templates stucked at 90% : analysis

Quoting Mark Brown (broonie@sirena.org.uk):

> What sort of coordination with translators would you like to see?  I had
> been under the impression that uploading packages containing new
> templates and translations was all that was needed.

Junichi did a good resume of it.

The most frustrating case are the typo fixes made to debconf templates
(most often mixed with other changes in the package). Any single
change in original English strings will mark translations as
"fuzzy". These translations will not be used until they are fixed.

If the maintainer uploads the package just after the fix, it will
contain the fuzzied translations.

What I expect him/her to do is warning the translators. Just "grep
"^Last-Translator" debian/po/*po and send each of them a copy of
"their" PO file after the change and "debconf-updatepo".

Then wait a couple of days for receiving the updates (if the changes
are trivial, they do not need review....if they aren't, the
translation teams review system may induce some delay....in that case,
waiting may not be appropriate).

Again, most of you guys are really good at this. As usual a few "black
sheeps" (no iffnsive intent here....just a lack of the appropriate
words) still make the problem visible.

Another solution for coordinating with translators is by posting a
mail to debian-i18n explaining the changes you made and pointing them
to the needed files. Or just ask there for advices...:-)

And, last but not least, please make your best for avoinding
translations sitting in the BTS for weeks.

Doing a "l10n upload" from time to time is A Good Thing. You will
trigger the autobuilders to rebuild it with may help in tracking down
nasty FTBFS bugs...:-)

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