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Re: [RANT] French translation for debconf templates stucked at 90% : analysis

> >  translators, especially when changes are done without coordination
> >  with translators. Sometimes, also, writing silly useless templates
> What sort of coordination with translators would you like to see?  I had
> been under the impression that uploading packages containing new
> templates and translations was all that was needed.

The ideal coordination would be 

1. Notify every translators and receiving translation before inital upload
  (so that we don't have a window of non-translated package in sid)

A non-ideal coordination would be :

2. Accepting translations after uploading package with untranslated 
   text and uploading a package.

The worst case; which consists about 10% of Debian:

3. Not accepting translations until some major change is applied to 
   package; by which time the translation is already outdated.

choice 1 gives 100% translation rate, 2 gives a lower translation
rate with untranslated text in unstable. 3 gives a very much lower
translation rate with untranslated text found in stable distribution.


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