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Re: sgml-base dropping support for /usr/lib/sgml


I've just uploaded sgml-base v1.23 which drops support for /usr/lib/sgml as
described below.

There's one change: The code to remove the transitional SGML catalog has been
moved out into the next version to be uploaded in the weekend of July 4.  The
just uploaded version simply moves the transitional SGML catalog into /etc/sgml, 
so the original goal of this version to drop support for /usr/lib/sgml is not


Ardo van Rangelrooij (ardo@debian.org) wrote:
> Hi,
> The next version of sgml-base (to be uploaded in the weekend of June 20) will
> drop support for the obsolete and deprecated directory '/usr/lib/sgml'.
> This means that
>  * the symbolic link from '/usr/lib/sgml/catalog' to '/etc/sgml/catalog' will
>    be removed
>  * the transitional SGML catalog 'usr/lib/sgml/transitional.cat' will be
>    deregistered from the root SGML catalog '/etc/sgml/catalog' and removed
>    from the file system _iff_ it's found to be empty (this is checked and done
>    anytime 'install-sgmlcatalog --remove <package>' is called)  
>  * the directory '/usr/lib/sgml' will not be created anymore in a new install
>    in the postinst of sgml-base  
> Currently there are only two packages left with files in /usr/lib/sgml:
>  * docbook-dsssl puts in '/usr/lib/sgml/stylesheet/dsssl/docbook/' a symbolic
>    link for backwards compatibility 
>    (bug#248003)
>  * openjade1.3 puts in '/usr/lib/sgml/dtd' a couple of DTD's 
>    (bug#177801)
> None of these impact the removal of the support for '/usr/lib/sgml'. (but it
> would still be nice to have them solved before the release of sarge).
> If there are any packages that have '/usr/lib/sgml' (still) in their SGML
> search path, please update them accordingly.
> Please keep discussions related to this on debian-sgml.
> Thanks,
> Ardo
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