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Re: How long is it acceptable to leave *undistributable* files in

@ 17/06/2004 21:21 : wrote Josh Triplett :

Indeed.  For that matter, disassemblers perform mechanical translations,
so if the disassembled code were not a derived work of the executable,
that would greatly aid most reverse-engineering efforts.

- Josh Triplett

No, mechanical translations are not derived works: THEY "ARE" THE ORIGINAL WORK. Sorry about the shouting, but this misconception (that they are not protected) is beginning to crop up here.

I get some software in binary form. Let's call it w0.
I disassemble it. Let's call it w1.
I put comments in w1. Let's call it w2.
I assemble it again in a new binary. w3.

w0 == w1.

They are one and the same.

w2 is derivative of w0. Which is the same as saying: w2 is derivative of w1.

w3 == w2. So w3 is derivative of w0. or w1, if you want.


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