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Bug#252289: general: system clock goes chaoticly causing system breakdown

On Thu, 17 Jun 2004, Antos Andras wrote:
> >Keep an eye on /proc/interrupts, and make sure the timer interrupt is 
> >correctly increasing at 100HZ (especially when you notice the timer "is 
> >stuck".
> I observed that in the timer line of /proc/interrupts, while normally the 
> number increases by cc. 99.8-101.6 in a sec, when the timer "is stuck" it 
> _does not increase at all_ shown by a command
> # while true; do grep timer /proc/interrupts; done
> But if I press a key while the command above is running, then the number 
> increases by 2!

This narrows it down to:
 1. kernel or module bug
 2. hardware bug

Whatever is triggering it might be something you run, or the fact that you
used the keyboard, or anything like that.   But it is definatley not
something fiddling with the clock "normally".  It could be a software
iteration (probably something dealing with interrupts and the APIC), or a
hardware issue.

It only happens when you log using the console, right?  ssh logins never
cause the problem?

If that is correct, remove the keyboard (and if you use it, the mouse), and
attach an USB keyboard (and USB mouse).  If your keyboard is an USB one,
switch keyboards and USB port *group*.   Does that fix the problem?

Disable ACPI, APM and IOAPIC.  Does that fix the problem?  If so, please
narrow down what subsystem is causing the problem.

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