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Debian Installer IRC meeting on Saturday 6/19 16:00 UTC

After the discussions in debian-boot and even though several people
identified as "key" people cannot attend this meeting, I confirm that
an opened meeting of the d-i team will happen on IRC.

Servers: freenode.net (just point your client to irc.debian.org)
Channel: #debian-boot
Time   : Saturday June 19th, 16:00UTC

(this time slot seems to be the less worse timeslot, considering that
d-i team members are of course spread all around the globe, mostly
Europe, Japan, USA and South America...even maybe
Australia/NZ). Further meetings will try to use convenient time slots
for all of us so that the people staying awaken at night are not
always the same.....:-)

Points to be discussed:

1) New tc2 (Test Candidate 2) after the tc1 "withdrawal" 

We need here to summarize which packages need to be moved to testing
in order to fix the points which motivated the removal of tc1 (from
Joey's mail):

 - some broken m68k images (unknown mke2fs fix needed)
 - broken sparc64 module loading (fix: busybox-cvs 20040415-3)
 - messed up line drawing characters in base-config (fix: base-config 2.29)
 - broken support for 100 gb partitions on i386 (fix: base-installer 0.083)
 - the above problem seems to affect nearly any size partitions on alpha
   and probably other 64 bit systems (workaround: base-installer 0.083;
   also needs *-installer fixes)

Some items that I do not consider release critical, but are still pretty
bad and potentially worth fixing:

 - 2.6 lvm and raid segfaults and hangs (fix: lvm2 2.00.16-2)
 - airport module not available post-reboot on powerpc (fix: ddetect 0.101)
 - firewire cd support (fix: ddetect 0.101)
 - mips Installs on r4k-ip22 needs 36 mb ram (fix: unknown -- new glibc?)
 - broken ataraid and ida support (fix: libdebian-installer 0.26.really.0.22)

Objective here: build a list of packages to be pushed to testing. As
the people who can make the final decision about this will not be able
to attend the meeting (Joey Hess, Colin Watson, Martin Michlmayr...not
sure for him), this will only be a proposal. The goal here is to find
some more facts so that things can advance when Joey, who is currently
the d-i release manager, is back.

2) ports situation

This is part of the above, of course.

Focusing on the situation for sparc64, powerprc oldworld is maybe
needed. However, I don't have that much clues about this.

Objective: have a *realistic* list of target architectures which
*have* to work for tc2

3) assign tasks

Maybe the most difficult part here.

The 1 ) and 2) above will probably trigger a few key points to be
worked on.

Objective: assign work to designated people (volunteering for them of
course!)  for these key points

4) other points

If time is left, we can discuss other things..:-)

Preparing the meeting

People who plan to attend this meeting, please prepare yourselves
regarding the above points. Open the key bug logs on bugs.debian.org,
write down a list of things you want to see discussed regarding the
above (or not).

Please try to be easy to identify on IRC. Not everyone is able to
remember who are "tbm", "bubulle" and all these nice nicknames.....
Please send me privately to bubulle+irc@kheops.homeunix.org your
nickname and real name. I already recorded those of people who confirmed.

This is an opened meeting on a public channel. During the meeting,
please try to be concise and precise.

The meeting log will be recorded and published in debian-boot.

Please consider this is something that didn't happen recently in d-i
development, at least since I personnaly am involved in it. So it's
possible that this meeting is a complete flop....:-). However, I'm
confident that such recurrent things may help to coordinate the d-i
development (currently probably too heavily relying on Joey Hess

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