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Re: request for diversion + please help to determine default targets

Quoting Martin Michlmayr:
> Nikita V. Youshchenko <yoush@cs.msu.su> [2004-06-16 01:44]:
> > A good way to deal with this is fixing dh_strip to use $STRIP
> environment 
> > variable (if set) to locate strip binary. However, I was told [1] that 
> > debhelper maintainers don't like this idea.
> You haven't said what's wrong with using binutils-multiarch.
binutils-multiarch is for all the folks who uses the default trunc of Debian
and its binutils and GCC. People who have to deal with embedded devices uses
3rd party binaries, like me for example. I have to deal with Hard Hat Linux
sometimes with Denk's ELDK (www.denx.de) binutils and GCC. I have to use
these tools because nobody can tell me which after-effects I will catch
mixing the environment with binutils-multiarch from Debian. I do not like to
find it out! I do not have the time and muse...

It's a question of freedom let me decide which tools I prefer for my work so
dh_strip should be a know-it-all implementation. It's so simple make
dh_strip gantler and prevent and diversion by dpkg-cross.

Raphael Bossek <bossekr@NOSPAMdebian.org>

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