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Re: Firefox, the Release and what should a debian developer do?

On Wed, Jun 09, 2004 at 10:45:01PM -0400, Eric Dorland wrote:
> With the release of Firefox 0.9RC and the impending release of 0.9 I'm
> sure my inbox will be full of "where's the new firefox?

I'd suggest uploading 0.9RC to experimental now, and telling them
it's there.

> Having gone through 0.7 -> 0.8,
> it certainly took a while to iron out a lot of the bugs. Perhaps 0.9
> will be better but only time and testing will tell. 

That'll let you get a headstart on that testing, and possibly let you
pass back any problems to upstream so that they'll get fixed before 0.9
proper comes out, which might save you some headaches too.

> I'm worried
> upgrading to 0.9 will leave me with my pants down when the release
> happens.

Upload to experimental ASAP, and when you're confident that the version
in experimental will stay up, move it into unstable. Getting folks
to build some of your releases on other architectures and upload them
to experimental too, before uploading to unstable is probably a good
idea too.

If it turns out 0.9 doesn't have any problems, the stay in experimental
can be brief and things will work great; if it turns out 0.9 does have
problems, it can just stay in experimental longer. Either way, you don't
have to worry too much about when exactly the release happens -- if you
can get it ready in time, it'll go in; if you can't, it won't go in,
but won't hold things up, either.


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