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Re: ITP: gnuwash -- Configurable alarming timer for GNUstep

 || On Tue, 08 Jun 2004 16:52:40 -0300
 || Ben Armstrong <synrg@sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca> wrote: 

	ba> On Tue, 2004-06-08 at 14:29, Gürkan Sengün wrote:
	>> Package: wnpp
	>> Severity: wishlist
	>> * Package name    : gnuwash
	>> Version         : 0.1
	>> Upstream Author : Mathias Menzel-Nielsen <matze@matzsoft.de>
	>> * URL             : http://pyromatz.dyndns.org/gnustep/gnuwash.html
	>> * License         : GPL
	>> Description     : Configurable alarming timer for GNUstep

	ba> I think you mean a "Configurable timer with alarm for GNUstep".  The
	ba> usual meaning of the word "alarming" is "causing alarm or fear", not
	ba> ringing an alarm, as I suppose you intended.

        I think the namespace should be included like all other
        packages. Since in description is obivious the use for GNUStep
        framework should not be a problem use gnustep-gnuwash like
        package name.


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