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Re: /etc/hosts: Two lines with the same IP address?

* Tore Anderson

 >  On a related note, I've never quite understood why the installer
 >  insists that the domain name must not be part of the hostname.  Quite
 >  annoying, really.

* Thomas Hood

 > One reason may be the following.  If the hostname is a FQDN "foo.bar.baz"
 > and /etc/resolv.conf contains no "domain" option then the latter defaults
 > to "bar.baz".

  I don't get it.  Is that a bad thing?  (Seems sane to me.)

 > What I'm looking for in this thread are reasons why it's not fine
 > after all to have multiple lines with the same IP address.

  I would assume it makes gethostbyaddr()'s behaviour undefined.

  Perhaps you could use or something for the mapping, if the
 host doesn't have a permanent address.

Tore Anderson

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