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Need a sponsor for raidtools2


I've fixed up a lot of bugs in raidtools2 and i think it's ready for
upload to ftp.

This bugs are fixed in this release:
* Fixes a typo in lsraid.c (Closes: #192546)
* Added japanese, danish and catalan support for debconf (Closes:
#229295, #237040, #250117)
* Added documentation for parse_config() (Closes: #118962)
* Fixed a critical bug changing the start to rcS.d and the stop after
the umountfs.sh script in rc0.d and rc6.d (Closes #240384)

Maybe someone will look at raidtools2.

And i'm looking for a sponsor who wants to upload this.

The source and package are at this place:

Matthijs Mohlmann

Get my public gpg key: http://www.cacholong.nl/~matthijs/matthijs.gpg

I love apt-get

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