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[ANN] Debian Firebird maintainers group CALL [resent]

Hello everybody.

Please excuse me such wide crossposting, but the goal of this email is
in fact to gather people interested in Debian packages of Firebird
but spread out in different places - into one place.  I am sending you
this email, because you might be interested in Debian packages of
Firebird.  There is NO need to be a Debian Developer for that.


I am the original packager of Firebird (1.0.x) packages in Debian.
I do not maintain them anymore - they are currently orphaned.  Still,
I believe that Firebird is simply too good piece of Free Software not
to have good Debian packages!  Over last 6 months I tried to help
*a few* people to take over these packages (and package 1.5 version)
but none of them had enough time to accomplish the task alone (though
one is near).

Lately, in Debian, we observe that so called "group maintenance" of
some bigger packages gives much better resulting qualiyt of packages,
better reaction time, is less vulnerable to "I am very busy these
days" notorious problem of maintainer and generally - works better.

I can not maintain Firebird packages.  But I can help the persons
willing to put some effort in these packages.


  I have created a "pkg-firebird" project on alioth.debian.org (an
  equivalent of SourceForge but for Debian).  Current available
  facilities include:
  1. Mailing list.
  2. Web page (very initial yet).

  3. Other resources that might be handy later,  like CVS/Subversion
      repository and others.

  1. If you think you might be interested in Debian packages for Debian

  2. If you think you might be able to help people who want to work on
      packaging Firebird for Debian please JOIN THE MAILING LIST.

  3. If you have worked or you want to work on Debian packages of
      Firebird - I suggest (after doing 1) you send an email with:
        a) some informations introducing you to the rest of the group,
        b) information about the current state of your work,
        c) problems you encounter and where you could use some help,
        d) your further plans.


Please do NOT reply to all the receivers of this email.  Instead send
an email to:


I am hoping for emails from the persons who worked on Firebird Debian
packages in the last months to appear on this mailing list.  Later I
will also explain some more details and we will try together to anwer
the questions that will arise.

Thank you for your attention.

                     Grzegorz B. Prokopski

PS: This is the second time I am sending out this email.  The original
was highly cross-posted and I was not able to verify that it has been
received by *anybody*.  I suspect it was caught as spam by spam filters.
:-/  I am sorry if you got it twice.
Grzegorz B. Prokopski <gadek@debian.org>
Debian GNU/Linux      http://www.debian.org
SableVM - LGPLed JVM  http://www.sablevm.org
Why SableVM ?!?       http://devel.sablevm.org/wiki/WhySableVM

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