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Re: Who decides arch names?

On 04-Jun-02 16:24, John Goerzen wrote:
> almost maniacal aversion to working together?  Why could you not have
> opened a discussion on debian-amd64 a month ago, or even last week?

True. This should have been discussed on the lists. But it is not too
late for a discussion now. At the moment the current amd64 port 
uses a patched dpkg anyway so no real harm has been done.

> > The first issue is simply a matter of rebuilding, which shouldn't take
> > too long relatively.  Your patches and fixes will still all work,
> > hopefully.
> *simply* is somewhat of an overstatement.  Are you aware of the effort
> required to bootstrap a new Debian arch?

It will _not_ be necessary to bootstrap amd64/x86_64 again because of
the name change. The existing packages can be used to build new ones
with a different architecture name (I tried that and created a small test
archive with 'x86_64' as the arch name and it worked so far).

> Plenty of packages rely on dpkg architecture information, and this
> almost certainly wil break packages.

Of coures, some things will break. But in most cases maintainers will only 
have to replace amd64 with x86_64 in some places. 

This should not be too difficult. It will require much more work to
port the remaining ~5% of the source packages to amd64/x86_64 :)

Andreas Jochens

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